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Have you reached a sticking point in your meditations and you do not appear to be moving forward?

If the answer is yes, then this book is for you.


Learn about the hidden secrets encoded within The Quran’s symbolic language.


This book offers you guidance to transform your life. There are easy-to-follow  Meditation  Exercises and more than  30 daily affirmations to help you on your spiritual journey.


The Prophet Muhammad secluded himself away in the Cave of Hira to meditate.  The Angel Gabriel came to him and gave him words of wisdom,  which the  Prophet passed on to those people around him.  Through  Heavenly inspiration, The Quran came into existence.


This book will take you on your own inner spiritual journey through the verses of The Quran.


There are a  variety of meditation practices as a  way of general relaxation.  Mindfulness exercises to train yourself to receive wisdom.  You gain an understanding that helps you to establish a  connection and awareness of your  Guardian angels,  becoming more aware of their wisdom as they speak to you.  It explains ways to help you grow in wisdom. It is filled with wise words and guidance to help you understand your own experiences.

Have you ever had a dream or entered a meditative state that completely blows your mind?

How can spirituality become a reality?

Yusif practices meditation on a daily basis and has, in the past, had snippets of visions, however, on this particular day, that recurring vision becomes a reality for him. A reality that sees him transcend into a spiritual being, who is taken on a journey into the hereafter, to fulfill a quest, which will not only bring the Earth nearer to Heaven but also impact the vibrations of other-worldly places and entities.

Although the journey is fraught with challenges and obstacles, that he must overcome, Yusif is not alone in this quest, he is supported and guided by four Heavenly companions, who help him to open his awareness and restore a neglected and derelict island back to its former glory, in the realm of Bakka.

Join Yusif on this journey, as he discovers other planets, realms, and entities, learning about spiritual awareness, the importance of vibrations, and how the rock crystals are of import in the quest.

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