Self Help Guide To Meditation And The Quran

Discover The Inner World of Meditation And The Quran

Self Help Guide To Meditation And The Quran:


This New Book Shares How To Become A Spiritual Person In A Material World.


Asif Saba’s self-help guide not only shares new insights into the mysteries of the Quran as it decodes its symbolic language and multi-dimensional verses but provides the reader with mediations and daily affirmations that support their personal journey on the spiritual pathway.



Providing the reader with a step-by-step pathway to finding inner peace that is both thought-provoking and practical, Asif Saba shares his easy-to-follow meditation exercises and daily affirmations alongside his expert knowledge of the mostly hidden secrets of  The Quran’s symbolic language and the unraveling of its multi-faceted verses.


Eloquent, intriguing and a potentially transformative read, the author talks in detail about being a spiritual person in a materialistic world and the fact that each person’s truth is not the same, all of which adds to its relevance in today’s challenging times.


A book that will be dipped into time and time again, whether for general relaxation practice or as part of an ongoing spiritual journey, those that read Self Help Guide to Meditation and The Quran are sure to find themselves in agreement with the many who say Asif Saba is one of the hidden sages for our time.



New insights into the mysteries of The Quran.


Learn about the hidden secrets encoded within The Quran’s symbolic language.

This book offers you guidance to transform your life. There are easy-to-follow Meditation Exercises and more than 30 daily affirmations to help you on your spiritual journey.

The Prophet Muhammad secluded himself away in the Cave of Hira to meditate. The Angel Gabriel came to him and gave him words of wisdom, which the Prophet passed on to those people around him. Through Heavenly inspiration, The Quran came into existence.

This book takes you on your own inner spiritual journey through the verses of The Quran.  It gives you insights into what it is like to be a spiritual person in a material world. It explains ways to help you grow in wisdom. There are a variety of meditation practices as a way of general relaxation. Mindfulness exercises to train yourself to receive wisdom. You gain an understanding of how to establish a connection to your Guardian angels, becoming more aware of their wisdom as they speak to you. It is filled with wise words and guidance to help you understand your own experiences.


The author says:


“This self-help book reveals to you the inner spiritual pathway. The wisdom of the verses from The Quran, and the explanation about their meaning will help you to raise your consciousness. You build a foundation upon a river of thought activity that will sustain you in all your worldly and spiritual activities. There are many similitudes in the verses of The Quran, each of which hold their own unique, symbolic meaning. Because the verses are so multi-dimensional in there understandings, and the individual mind sees according to an individual reality, we each believe that what is with us as individuals is the whole truth. But each person’s truth is not the same, because each person’s interpretation of the physical and spiritual reality can be different.


“This book will reveal the Heavenly secrets and the golden gems of wisdom that have been hidden from you. You will get to know and understand why things happen to you and the true meaning about why you are here.”


This book received a five-star review from Amazon readers, The Halloween Man says:


“In a world where many are following the inner promptings of their emotional and spiritual irregularities; this book is a much-needed guide to help all of us expand our consciousness, move beyond our negative thinking and bypass all of the detrimental chatter that is going on in the world around us. Filled with mystical insights, positive affirmations and meditation techniques, Asif Saba has written a clear self-help book for our time... Everyone needs to read this book and undertake the practices laid out in its pages. It will surely help to create a more peaceful you and bring clarity to a struggling world!”


Published by Harvesting The Seeds Publications, Self Help Guide To Meditation And The Quran is available in paperback (£14.99) and Kindle format (£8.11) on Amazon at and


About the author:


Asif is an author and musician. His books are ground-breaking, his music inspirational. Those who have read his books have had their lives transformed. His books cover all kinds of spiritual topics to help you on your journey. This book gives the reader insights into The Quran. You will become fascinated by its mystical messages. Its words of wisdom will expand your way of looking at what you already understand.


As an author, Asif will take you on a journey, helping you to see with vision and clarity. His books offer you guidance and help. He explains to you the spiritual and mystical messages within The Quran to help you on your meditative journey.



This book will help you complete your Spiritual journey.

Prepare To Be Amazed


You will be taken on a journey into the Inner teachings of The Quran.


There is a divine message that has remained hidden.


This book reveals the inner wisdom that takes you on a journey into the verses of The Quran through Meditation.


This book will add to the knowledge you already have.